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-    Courses
-    Acoustical Consultancy
-    Equipment & Instrumentation
-    Environmental Assessment
-    Dealing with Excessive Noise
-    Noise, Lighting, Thermal Environments
-    Noise Monitoring & Control
-    Vibration Monitoring & Control
-    Resolving Noise Problems


Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd, is a leading firm of specialist acoustic consultants in Singapore. The firm specializes in building acoustics, with expertise in the four specific disciplines required for building projects
            (i)         Building Acoustics
            (ii)         Noise & vibration control and Insulation
            (iii)        Environmental Acoustics
            (iv)        Acoustic Calibration, Testing and Monitoring

The Principal Consultant, Dr. Tan Kok Yang  is a former lecturer at the Singapore Polytechnic. He lectured in Environmental Science and Acoustics.  He left the Polytechnic in 1997 to set up Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd and has served over 500 Clients in the area of Acoustics, Noise Monitoring and Control, as well as environmental assessment and designs.

Dr.Tan is currently providing acoustic and environmental consultancy services to the industry.

Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd is well positioned to undertake building acoustic projects as all our consultants have years of experience in building construction, M & E Services, Audio Design System and of course Building Acoustics.

In the past years we had carried building acoustics projects for Community Clubs, Hospitals, Libraries, Home for the Aged, Schools and many others.

Some examples of the areas of work we perform are:
Building Acoustics, Building Insulation Assessment and Design, Acoustic Diagnostic Testing, Acoustic Commission Test, Product Development & Research



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