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-    Acoustical Consultancy
-    Equipment & Instrumentation
-    Environmental Assessment
-    Dealing with Excessive Noise
-    Noise, Lighting, Thermal Environments
-    Noise Monitoring & Control
-    Vibration Monitoring & Control
-    Resolving Noise Problems


Indoor environmental issues influencing the comfort and health of the occupants in buildings, especially in housing, may be grouped above the following headings.

The quality of the indoor air quality, presence of moisture and condensation are dependent among other things, on ventilation.  Ventilation is also a factor to consider in the study of thermal comfort.

Two other environmental issues are the indoor lighting and acoustics.  These factors are also important in that a properly designed and constructed building should be properly lighted and should have good sound insulation and acoustics.

To assist you finding the most environmental friendly and comfortable house, especially new units in condominium developments or new HDB flats, AcLab offers a unique and innovative service to assist you to make the best decision on the housing unit of your choice in term of environmental sustainability and comfort.

We offer to provide you with our professional opinion, if necessary, practical on site environmental assessment on the housing unit of your choice can be carried out.  A very user-friendly report will be given to you for your decision-making. So, ensure that you know as much as possible about the environments of the house you are eyeing on, before you commit thousands if not million of dollars into your new investments.

Let only qualified professionals like us do it for you and you will be glad that you have made that decision.

What can you expect?
1. A thorough study on environmental aspects of your proposed new house.
2. An on-site environmental assessment
3. Professionally prepared Environmental Assessment Report
4. Advices on how to enhance the environment

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