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In working environments employers are obliged to protect workers from high noise levels and long-term exposure to noise. Ear protectors and noise shields must be used to avoid damage to employees' hearing.

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Laws and regulations provide the basis for systems and minimum standards required to safeguard the health and safety of persons at work. The underlying principle is that employers have a responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

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Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd is one of the major collaborative partners in the Workplace Health Promotion Program effort that provides a national framework for promoting best practices in workplace health. The program is coordinated by the Health Promotion Board and has the involvement of unions, employers, and government. The aim is to improve the health status of working adults by encouraging organizations to implement effective workplace health promotion programs.

The program has so far met its original target of at least 50% of the private sector workforce benefiting from effective workplace health promotion programs by 2005. Currently, almost all public sector organizations have such programs. It is now hoped that at least 70% of the private sector workforce will have comprehensive workplace health promotion programs by 2008.

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